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Before you sign up to receive your Monday and Thursday editions of the SeedZine, review this list and make sure there is something you are interested in. We don't want to waste your time, and we don't you to waste ours, fair enough?

If you don't find any topics that will be of personal value to you, please DON'T sign up, OK?

However, you should get the SeedZine if you are interested in making more money, growing your business or want to learn new things and grow as a person. You will profit, prosper and grow with the SeedZine.

Here's how you will PROFIT from the twice a week SeedZine:

Practical, tested and proven money-making methods will be in every issue
You will get inside information of our testing results
You will be guided to people and information that can benefit you directly

Here's how you will PROSPER from the twice a week SeedZine:

You will get a twice weekly dose of "Prosperity Thinking", a weekly manifestation meditation
You will receive the inside secrets of remote persuasion marketing
You will discover how to capitalize on your hidden assets

Here's how you will GROW from the twice a week SeedZine:

You will be presented with new ideas and concepts from an unusual mix of interests
You will be given step-by-step instruction on growing your business
You will be shown how to plant your own seeds of your own wisdom and how to harvest the happiness from them

In addition you will receive these 8 benefits from your twice weekly SeedZine:

1. Topical and current discussion on the latest "news"
2. Decades of success to draw from that you can twist and bend to meet your own needs
3. Research. In-depth looks at businesses, business methods and business outcomes
4. Goals check will keep you focused on track
5. A look at what is being published, and how to separate the wheat from the chaff
6. Special offers and subscriber's deals not found anywhere else
7. Subscriber of the day section, where you can introduce your business to the world
8. Invitation to subscriber only webinars, FREE talks and discussions

And here are a few more bits about the SeedZine:

Dien Rice, Ph.D. An award winning physicist brings his scientific approach to business and reveals his own personal strategies, grounded in practical results, to you each Monday

Gordon Jay Alexander. An eclectic background in business, social work, golf and life brings his decades of experience to you every Thursday

Guest Columnists. SeedZine will feature guest columns from time to time and offer you a different perspective

Surprises. These include but are not limited to, contests, assignments, guests, cartoons, who knows what you are going to find in the SeedZine? Subscribers know.

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